3. november 2021 - Develop


A cookie can best be described as the users behaviour on a website that is registered at user (on the users harddisk). That way the user can be recognized, e.g. at a website on the next visit. Personal related data will not be stored in a cookie, but information regarding the users behaviour on a website can be, e.g. username to log on a website.

A cookies is stored locally on the users computer and is thereby a text file that is sent to your browser from a webserver and stored on your computer´s harddisk. You can set your browser to inform you when you receive a cookie or you can disable cookies entirely. The only purpose of these cookies is to recognize your computer. Technically cookies can be devided into two types. One is called "session cookies" - they keep track of what you have put into your basket, while you are navigating the website. "Session cookies" are not kept on your computer, but are deleted when you close the browser. The other type of cookie is called a "permanent cookie" and is saved as a text file on your computer for approximately a month. A "permanent cookie" makes our server recognize your computer the next time you log on to our website.

At www.jbo.dk cookies are used for temporary storage of data related to the distributor login and ordering.

You can at any time delete cookies from your computer.