3. november 2021 - Develop

CE conformity marking

All products made by J. B. Olsen A/S are CE-marked to current rules for European Standards. All products have been tested and CE-approved by the EU-selected Danish test institute FORCE Instituttet, 2605 Brondby, Denmark.
Documentation on the particular products for this may be requested.
Manuals and user guides for products made by J. B. Olsen A/S will generally be in Danish and English, and buyer may not require these to be in any other languages.
Printing errors as well as changes in product specifications are excepted.

Responsibility/Liability and Force Majeure - Act of God: In so far as J. B. Olsen A/S may, as provided by the act on product liability, be made responsible/liable in relation to buyer, the liability of J. B. Olsen A/S shall be limited to the product liability, and shall thus not cover any liability for any loss of earnings, transport costs, operating loss/deficit, and similar. J. B. Olsen A/S shall not assume any responsibility/liability caused by buyer´s legal matters/relations in relation to any third party.

Further, a reservation is made for Force Majeure - Act of God - such as industrial action, fire, war, mobilization, unforeseen call-up, sequestration/requisitioning, currency restrictions, civil commotion, riots and similar.

The liability shall not cover deficiencies occurred after transfer of the risk to buyer. The liability shall, for instance, thus not cover deficiencies due to inadequate maintenance, incorrect use, mounting, changes made without consent in writing by J. B. Olsen A/S, or repairs performed by buyer in an incorrect/erroneous manner. Finally, the liability shal not cover normal wear, tear and impairment.

Buyer shall be responsible for organizing the place of work, and shall use the equipment purchased correctly in accordance with the provisions laid down by the Danish National Labour Inspection or by a similar regulatory agency covering the country in which the products are beeing used.